Here are a few of the sanctuary’s inhabitants

Nellie : As you can see, Nellie was completely blind when this photo was taken.  Thanks to our vet’s wonderful expertise and the loving care received at home, Nellie has actually regained the sight in one eye.

cat Rocco

Rocco : Rocco arrived at the sanctuary as one of 4 white kittens, all of which were born deaf. Rocco developed skin cancer from spending too much time napping in the hot Italian sun, so do be careful if you own a white cat.  Although he is missing most of one ear, he is now 100% cured.

cat Iris

Iris : Iris was found abandoned in the parking lot of a busy commercial centre.  Her former owners moved into a flat that doesn’t allow animals, so after 9 years, they just drove off and left her to fend for herself.  She has happily settled into her new home and definitely “rules the roost”!

cat Tigris

Tigris : “Tigris” means tiger in Greek. He has the markings of a tiger, the heart of a lion and the demeanour of a real pussy cat…he loves to cuddle.  He and 2 of his sisters were left in a cardboard box at the side of a busy road.

cat Andy

Andy : Andy is 23 years old!  He lived with his beloved owner in Paris for years.  When she passed away, we “inherited” Andy and his brother.  Andy loves Swiss cheese cut into small cubes and liquid cream.

rabbit Thumper

Thumper : Thumper thinks he’s a kitten because when he arrived at the sanctuary, there were no other rabbits for him to play with, so he made friends with a lively litter of kittens who adopted him despite his very long ears and very short tail.

ducks on ponds Ducks : Donald was dropped off by the parents of a little girl who lost interest in looking after him.  His two “wives” arrived after their owner was admitted to a local nursing home.  The girls were 12 years old and had never been in water in their life. They now adore swimming on the pond and Donald loves being married.
wild boar piglets

Wild Boar Piglets : Their mother was shot out of season and when we found them they were literally starving to death.  We fed them, but did not try to domesticate them.  The two girls later found mates and started their own families.  “Harold the hog” prefers life as a bachelor and still stops by for regular meals.

goat Willie

Willie : Willie was brought to the sanctuary so he would not be slaughtered for someone’s Easter lunch.  He is a Tibetan goat that loves having his head and his tail scratched.

goat Meg

Meg : Meg is Willie’s sister, who is also his wife!  When Meg and Willie were brought to us, Meg, unbeknownst to us, was already pregnant.  She has a very gentle character and will “kiss” you on the nose if you give her a treat.

goat Roberta

Roberta : Roberta is Meg and Willie’s only daughter. After she was born, Willie was enrolled in university and got his “doctorate”, so she will definitely remain an only child!

Peter with cats

Peter “co-founder” : Peter was a brilliant dancer who performed in London’s West End, danced before H.M. the Queen and worked with Ginger Rogers, Shirley Mac Laine, Tom Jones and Sacha Distel.  He is now a beloved English professor at Genoa’s main naval college.  He runs the sanctuary when Gary is away working on cruise ships.

Gary Glading Gary “co-founder” : Gary starred in the Lido show in Las Vegas and in Paris as well as performing on TV around the world.  He is presently working as Cruise Director and performer for Norwegian Cruise Line.  The royalties from his award-winning book “Stars, Staterooms & Stowaways” help to fund the sanctuary. Copies can be ordered through this website.

Donkeys : Peter, Gary and a loving group of sponsors purchased 4 donkeys who were destined to be slaughtered.  Kim and Patrizia were pregnant and gave birth to Eyore and Ricky.  They had all known neglect and mistreatment before coming to the refuge, but have since become healthy, happy and thoroughly spoiled VIPs!  Dusty is camera shy, but you can see him in the photo on the homepage on the far right.

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