Welcome to the Hanalei Animal Sanctuary ONLUS website

Our goal at the sanctuary is to welcome and care for animals who have been abandoned or abused by their previous owners

Over the years we have given a loving home to countless animals ranging from cats, to donkeys, to rabbits, to wild boar piglets whose mother had been shot out of season.  At the present we are looking after 6 donkeys, 28 cats, 4 goats, 16 chickens, 2 geese and a duck. Without our care, these animals would have either starved to death, continued to live in a cruel and abusive environment, been slaughtered or put to sleep.

It is easy to imagine the financial resources required to offer these animals clean and warm housing, nourishing food and veterinarian attention when necessary, so any contributions you are able to make to this worthy cause would be greatly appreciated by the animals and those who love and care for them.

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